Introducing new photographer Laura Borges-Ribeiro


laura borges ribeiro


In a new blog series, French Connection will be regularly handing over creative control to new and aspiring photographers for a day. Shot on location, each fresh-faced photographer gets free rein to explore our fashion cupboard and work alongside the team to direct their own shoot.

Our photographer: Laura B. Ribeiro

I’m a 21 year-old blogger, picture-taker and model currently living in Hong Kong. I love travel, food and being a bit of a dreamer! You can check out my portfolio and blog here.

How did you come up with ideas for this shoot?

I currently have an obsession with porcelain dolls, so that gave me a starting point.

Do you tend to have an initial story in mind when you start working on a project?

I usually have ideas ready; things I once noted down and planned to come back to when I found the right team to work with and help make it happen. With the team I then develop it further into a story, taking on board their suggestions.

What can you tell us about the girl in your shoot? Where is she going next/where has she come from?

She’s almost perfection, known for her beauty and kindness and living up to these ideals. But even she is human and has her weaknesses; she’s still searching for herself. This is the story.

Why did you pick a studio location for this shoot – how does that feed into the story?

I picked a studio because I wanted to create a set and have complete control over every detail, including the lighting.


What’s one tip for aspiring photographers that you wish someone had told you?

Be prepared to experiment a lot and often free of charge, even perhaps paying to create stories. At first it will be frustrating, but eventually all of your hard work will start to pay off, and you will become more established.


Where do you go to feel more inspired?

I travel a lot, or I take a walk and visit somewhere new. It’s a blend between the city and nature.

What else are you working on right now?

I’m currently abroad for the summer in Hong Kong working for a clothing label, alongside blogging, modelling and photographing. My hands are pretty full, but I love being occupied.

Can you think of an image that you wish you had created yourself?

I love the images created by Chen Man for i-D Magazine Issue 317. The colours, use of styling and overall mood is something I’d love to imitate in future work.

IMG_8856_smallDo you have any important memories which influence your creativity?

I have always travelled a lot, ever since I was little, so I enjoy learning about other cultures. That’s definitely the main influence on my work.

What was the last film/song/book to have an impact on your work?

The last film to have an impact on my work was Helter Skelter by Mika Ninagawa. Not the story itself but the use of colour, the styling and the mood.

Your shoot seems quite ethereal, but with a tougher edge or a sense of something else happening behind the scenes. Can you explain that?

It’s a reflection of my personality, often I try to capture models in the mood I’m feeling. There’s much more to the image than what is actually being portrayed.

Does the styling reflect your own style or is it quite far removed from how you dress on a day-to-day basis?

I would say my day-to-day dress is more edgy and street style-inspired, but this isn’t too far removed from how I put my own looks together.

How would you sum up French Connection in three words?

Classic, timeless, feminine.

See more from Laura’s shoot on our Facebook Page.


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