Introducing new photographer Vicki King

vicki_kingIn a new blog series, French Connection will be regularly handing over creative control to new and aspiring photographers for a day. Shot on location, each fresh-faced photographer is given free rein to explore our fashion cupboard and work alongside the team to direct their own shoot.

Our photographer: Vicki King

I am a London-based photographer, originally from the middle of England. I graduated from London College of Communication last June with a BA in Photography and have been freelancing since then. I started out doing more fine art based work but gravitated toward fashion since finishing my degree, although I wouldn’t define myself by either genre.

How did you come up with ideas for the shoot?

I had wanted to do something like this for a while! After having shot nearly everything in a studio over the never-ending winter months I was basically itching to do something outside, with beautiful light and plants and all of the things I had been deprived of. I get genuinely excited by the sun when I see it now.

Ideas start out pretty loosely; I will normally have a mood that I am going for, a colour palette, or a location in mind and it just builds from there. Sometimes it’s hard to verbalise what you are trying to do until it is actually sitting in front of you. I tend to work quite intuitively.

Do you have a story/character in view when working on a project?

There is normally some sort of narrative but not a clear-cut one, I like to leave room for people to fill in the gaps themselves.

Why do you prefer shooting outdoors?

I actually like to combine elements of outdoors with shooting inside: be it plants or a set, to make the space a little confused.

Where do you go to feel more inspired?

For some reason I always seem to be at my most imaginative whilst travelling. On the train, driving, walking. I think it must have something to do with the motion and a lack of distractions. I’m not very good at sitting still – walking with headphones is a better option for me.

hat was the last film/song/book to have an impact on your work?

I rewatched Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers recently, which is an amazing film. I’d like to shoot something based on that movie. I find films good for visual references; when there is movement it’s a lot easier to make something appear natural in a very unnatural environment.

I think the Pre-Raphaelites said something about trying to portray music in their paintings; though obviously making something as emotive as music through a still image is really difficult.  But it’s something that I try to reach. I also get teenage fangirl obsessed with songs – it’s everything by a band called HTRK at the moment.

Do you have any important memories which influence your creativity?

The way memory in general distorts reality is pretty influential: it’s like looking at something through frosted glass; you remember only parts and in the way that you want to. Like real life, but better.

What’s one tip for aspiring photographers that you wish someone had told you?

Experiment as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to be stylised. Shoot what fascinates you. That’s more than one. Oops!

Can you think of an image that you wish you had created yourself?

I wish I could make anything half as mesmerising as any of Bill Henson’s photographs.

What’s next?

To keep making work, keep growing, and being endlessly dissatisfied haha.

How would you sum up French Connection in three words?

Fresh, stylish and wearable.

See more of Vicki’s work over on her blog, Made of Static.

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